Korean and American Cuisine


Long hours and a big menu have combined to make YU TAKEOUT a rousing success. Sonye Carroll, who opens her doors at 5 a.m. and doesn't lock up until 9 p.m., serves both American and Korean fare.

Besides American, the Ellsworth area has Chinese, Mexican, and Thai restaurants. Yu Takeout is the first to feature Koren cuisine.

Along with baked goods, sausage, eggs and potato squares for breakfast, Sonye dishes up Korean-style Buffalo wings, her signature egg rolls, wontons, teriyaki beef and chicken, wonton and Korean noodle soup, lo mein, sweet potato noodle, fried rice, Korean hot and sweet and sour pork and chicken, along with fried seafood.

Sonye has an impressive record of successful entrepreneurship.  For 25 years, she ran a crab picking business in Bass Harbor. She and her husband, Tom Carroll, live in Franklin.